WZONE milano

WZONE is a creative and management Accessories Fashion hub based in milano, where design and professional management join to build contemporary fashion projects on handbags for woman, men and travel.

Style and Creativity, product strategy, market analysis, trend research and inspirational moodboards specifically designed for your brand

Wzone is a hub for ideas and knowledge to envision, develop and create targeted and incisive projects on men’s and women’s accessories.

Meet WZONE’s Signature Style


Years of consulting for primary brands

We are expert in brand extension and revitalization project for brand willing to expand their business into the accessories world.


Years of development collections management

we follow all phases of the collection development, from the design to the Salesman Samples production.


year of collaboration with a loyalty network of suppliers and producers

we can really offer a key-hand service; we connect a wide range of local and international laboratory and producers, and follow them in all development process


years of knowledge of the international markets

over twenty years of experience and knowledge in the Fashion Accessory industry, and international markets.